Faceted Heart Mould Set


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Set of 3 faceted heart mould with geometric diamond edges
These heart shaped moulds are perfect for creating that special sentimental memorial resin piece, or creating a perfect paperweight filled with flowers or glitter!

5.6cm wide, 5.6cm long, 1.6cm thick; inner size: 4.2cmx4.2cm.

7.3cm wide, 7.3cm long, 2cm thick; inner size: 5.5cmx5.5cm.

8.7cm wide, 8.9cm long, 2.2cm thick; inner size: 6.5×6.4cm.

Top Tip…………Turn the mould upside down and pour your chosen material. You will create a small trinket dish!

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 2.4 cm

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